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Sutur is a one-man VR game studio founded in 2019 and based in Sweden. Petter Nygren is the generalist game developer behind Sutur. I come from a background in physics simulation, numerical modeling, and software optimization. My goal is to build competence in all branches of videogame development. Technical as well as artistic. I love that game development involves most aspects of digital creation. While I intend to remain a solo developer, I am bringing in collaborators to make the work more fun and to complement my weaker areas.


The areas of focus in current and future projects.

  • Novel XR game design.

  • Motion controls that engages the whole body.

  • Responsiveness and feedback.




Current Project



Slipgatan 11

117 39 Stockholm



Status updates

Descent Alps: Ski Together! multiplayer for up to 9 players is live! 

Descent Alps is now released in China on the Pico Neo3/2 headset!

The August update adds the new dark cave course "The Dark Caverns" and custom music via your own mp3 files!

The June update brings a new endless forest course "The Forest Ravine" and new unlockable skis and mono-skis!


May patch release. Super-G course, ski-jump mini game, and 120hz mode.

Descent Alps has launched on Oculus App Lab! Get the game (10$)

Descent Alps have soon been available for 1 year in various pre-release versions. The game has been downloaded close to 100k times and the slopes have been worn down by pre-release skiers. All feedback and knowledge gathered during the first year of Descent Alps have evolved the game into its first full release. The core remains the same, but the experience has been refined and is now faster, better, bigger, and more accessible! There is still more to come but this release marks a game that can stand alongside other great movement and motion-based VR games.
The full release of Descent Alps will soon be available on Oculus App Lab.